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SCOPE International is focused on three pillars: the gift of literacy, food security, and mental health.

These are not three separate priorities, but rather they are each linked to each other and are related.

Diet influences numerous aspects of health, including mental health. Studies show that good nutrition leads to better academic performance, including an improved ability to focus and learn, such as being able to read.

And while good nutrition leads to better mental health and the ability to learn, the reciprocal is also true. Learning also leads to improved feelings of self esteem and more stable mental health.

Gift of Literacy

Many educational materials in local languages are often out of date. We work with school leaders and publishers to ensure that students have access to current textbooks that are age-appropriate and written in their primary language.

Food Security

Food security is a critical issue for Africa today, as the continent struggles with declining agricultural stocks and high food prices. Poorly rewarded farmers — being in no position to act as the stewards of Africa’s agricultural land — continue to use techniques that adversely affect soil fertility, water and biodiversity.

Mental Health

Depression is the most prevalent mental illness in the world. Currently, an estimated 100 million people in Africa suffer from clinical depression, including 66 million women. Research shows that children of depressed mothers are more likely to have poor health, struggle in or miss school, and suffer from depression themselves.

Helping Children All Over Kenya

Many people in Kenya do not have enough food to eat, clean water, or electricity. This isn’t because there isn’t enough of these things to go around, rather it is a distribution problem. It is simply not profitable. The same is true with books and education. SCOPE International is working to distribute educational materials to the underprivileged. You can make a difference.

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