What SCOPE International promotes…

The Gift of Literacy

Book Donations

Many educational materials in local languages are often out of date. We work with school leaders and publishers to ensure that students have access to current textbooks that are age-appropriate and written in their primary language.

Books that are donated to SCOPE International are inspected, sorted, and packaged for shipping to Africa. It is not unusual to have over 300,000 books in our warehouse waiting for transport to Africa.

Nothing is Wasted

If you are unsure with what to do with your old books, please donate them. Books that are damaged or unsuitable are recycled into insulation.

Delivered Directly to Villages

The books are transported to villages where schools and libraries are able to help the community.

Construction of Libraries & Classrooms

Buildings are restored into libraries and classrooms.

A Source of Community Pride

The libraries and classrooms are a source of pride for these communities, who maintain them and use them to educate their youth.

Your Donations are Helping

The entire community benefits from your generous donation.

How You Can Get Involved

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are always welcome to help sort and catalog books. This is great for high school volunteer hours, Eagle Scout projects, or simply because you want to give back to the community.

Host a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are an important way to both generate revenue and help spread the word and get the message out there. If you are good at organizing events and can attract attendees to a fundraiser, let’s talk!


Your donations make a big difference and are highly appreciated. When you make a contribution to SCOPE International (which has been designated as a 501c3 by the IRS), you are eligible for a tax deduction.

Aligning with UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Quality Education
  • Partnerships for the Goals

Get Involved

If you are ready to help us make a difference by bringing the joy of reading to African communities, please consider helping us.